Our vision is to connect healthcare professionals across the world with Taiwan


Who We Are

  • NATMA connects healthcare professionals and industry leaders to Taiwan to improve clinical care, healthcare research, and industry-based innovation for better health for all

  • NATMA leads sustainable medical missions to countries in need #TaiwanCanHelp #TaiwanIsHelping

  • NATMA advocates for the health of every individual in the world and speaks up for the representation of all people on the global stage

NATMA x Taiwan

NATMA creates collaboration opportunities with Taiwan.

We connect our network of healthcare professionals at leading academic centers in North America with healthcare institutions and the medical technology industry in Taiwan. Our exchange directory includes experts on a range of topics, including artificial intelligence in healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical innovation, and public health.
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NATMA x Global Health

NATMA aims to address health inequities globally and conducts international medical missions in nations such as Belize, Honduras, and Ukraine. Since 2003, NATMA has led annual medical missions to countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Eastern Europe, with over 40-50 voluntary medical personnel during each trip. We collaborate with local medical professionals to provide direct primary care, dental care and surgical care. We also exchange medical knowledge at local universities during these missions as part of our ongoing international partnerships.

Medical Missions:
  • 19 Medical Missions
  • 22 Number of free clinics
  • 500+ Healthcare Professional Volunteers

13 Countries Helped


NATMA x Advocacy

NATMA has a passionate group of healthcare professionals that visits Geneva annually to push for the right to health and well-being for all people. To that end, we advocate for the inclusion of everyone in the world in international institutions, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and its World Health Assembly (WHA) meetings. In line with the WHO, we believe in the concept of a global collaborative effort to improve the health and safety of everyone.

NATMA x Community

NATMA builds community through local chapters and large-scale conferences. Our local chapters include healthcare professionals from all backgrounds, including physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, mental health experts, rehabilitation specialists and more. Our membership increasingly includes professionals with backgrounds in business and industry to further grow our medical technology and medical innovation initiatives. NATMA also holds annual meetings in both North America and in Taiwan to foster cross-border relationships and collaborations.

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